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Nowadays the blog is the website’s highly successful best friend. It’s easy to use and allows, among other advantages, a close and loyal connection between you and your customers.

What is a blog exactly? Here’s a good definition:

"A blog is a type of website – or a part of a website – that’s used for publishing articles on a regular and periodic basis. The articles are usually short and tend to contain news or professional content.

Like in journals, these articles are usually dated and signed and appear in reverse chronological order, in other words the newest topic will appear at the top and the oldest topic at the bottom."


The advantages of the blog for business people


The blog enables you to interact with your existing customers and potential clients by using the comment functions and share buttons for sharing on various social networks.

The user friendly method of interaction gives the customer a good impression of the blog.

The blog helps improve the site’s ranking on Google (SEO)

It allows you to present your expertise by publishing articles with interesting content, offering practical assistance or commenting on news from your field of activity

Updating the content of your blog is easier than renewing the content of a website.

Services3Our blog services

Creating a blog that is optimized for website promotion via search engines, including professional graphics
Installing plugins/widgets to improve your site’s search engine optimization, the statistics of the entries to your site and its social network presence.
Assistance in blog article writing: finding less competitive key words, choosing topics that may interest your target audience and show your expertise
Publishing your articles on a regular basis, with set intervals.

PackOur blog plans

‘Key in hand’ plan: creating the blog, writing articles for your blog and sharing them on social networks.
Customized plan via Skype: learning how to create a blog step by step
Individual assistance : adding features to your blog, installing plugins/widgets for the search promotion of your site, statistic data, automatic sharing on social networks