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Contrary to popular belief, having a website that benefits your company is no easy task.

You will find tons of ads promoting low price website services, but few that will bring you web standards, premium user experience, or design quality. At Atomix, we make a point of honoring these crucial points which certify the professionalism of what will be your storefront: Your website, whatever the theme.

Here are some importants points which we bring particular importance to:


W3cic2W3C standards (World Wide Web Consortium)

W3C standards are a set of standards that must be respected in a web project to ensure optimal viewing in all modern browsers.

But above all, respect for these standards ensures better search engine optimization. These standards are decreed by strict rules, set by web professionals worldwide.

However, having 100% W3C valid web project is impossible in absolute terms, because of its heavy weight. But with the technology we employ we are able to reach a high level of validity.



NavicCompatibility between all browsers

Misinterpretation of CSS files (Cascading Style Sheets), bad display of the website, unreadable videos ...

As many surprises are possible to meet between different browsers, when your website has not been developed to consider their updates.

Our agency pledges that your site can display identically in all recents browsers: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Explorer.


ResponsicResponsive Mode

Essential today, the RWD (Responsive Web Design) provides a unusual web experience for the user. It allow automatic formatting of the website design, for any screen type: desktop, smartphones, tablets ...

Increase your e-reputation (electronic reputation) by giving to your visitors an unforgettable viewing experience and give an edge to the professional look of your website.

The adaptive design is also available both in the user part of the website (front-end) and in the administrative part (back-end) and will be extremely useful for the administrator who will need to manage his website from any screen type.

Our site has an adaptive design, test by reducing the size of the browser, striking effect guaranteed!



Web Design1A unique and original WebDesign

Need a website that looks like you and anyone else, wich is up to date, without compromising the intrinsic character of your company ...

Many characteristics that are importants to those who want to bring to his website "THE Graphic Touch", the feel that only Atomix is able to impregnate your project.

And this design can not be created. From of the best schools of Design and Computer Graphics, our designers have always managed to mix originality and professionalism to give the best of themselves.



CloudicHosting as fast as powerful

How many people per day can connect to my website? Is there a limit? Can we connect it from anywhere and with the same load speed ?

Fortunately, no need to ask these questions. Indeed, because all our servers have a bandwidth that allows unlimited traffic to your site.

But also because our servers, except that they are located in France, have many branches throughout the world, where we synchronize several times per day the content of your website, so from any country in the world , your site goes up as if it were located 100 meters from home.



Repairic2The technical maintenance warranty (*)

Your peace of mind about your website is one of our main asset. Indeed, a machine is a machine, and nothing is infallible, nobody in the world is immune to a breakdown, hacking.

The question we must to ask is: "Is my website protected against any kind of attacks or failures ??".

The answer is YES. Apart from the fact that our servers are the most secure on the market, our contract guarantees technical maintenance, so we engage in as soon as possible to rectify any technical problems that may have occurred.