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If your website is ranked low in the search result list or if it has been stuck in the same place for years, Atomix can offer you Search Engine Optimization services.

A variety of website promotion techniques can be provided at various stages and in the long run in order to maximize you exposure on Google:

Audit Icon Big1. A review of your website

We will continue the technical analysis and editing of your site in order to merge and synthesize it with the current SEO.

At the same time we will study the competition in your line of business in order to achieve a fast assessment of what your website should represent with its search engine presence.


Seo14 2. Ranking optimization

As soon as we understand exactly what the search ranking of your site is we can implement quality SEO that will give your site good ranking:

We provide google with a “dynamic map” of hyperlinks in your site that gives direct access from the search engine to all the links in your site.

We will register your site in a number of relevant internet libraries.

We add all the internal tags needed for its promotion and optimization.

Every social network structure (Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), may it be a like button, sharing options, comments etc... will be imbedded in your site, so that a maximum of links to your site will be distributed over the web.

All of the websites addresses will be built of key words from your website and presented clearly.

Each page has its own key words that are dynamically constructed using Meta Tags.


Info2 3. Tracking and guidance

Gradually as the SEO ranking of your site improves, we will help train our customers in the use of analytical monitoring tools to examine the site’s SEO and so contribute to its improvement.
This allows our client to professionally analyze its sales promotion.