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Buying Fans

FanbuyThe use of social networks to promote your company or video-clip is the basics of digital communication today.

Nevertheless, if you want your fan page to get many followers and your video-clip many viewings, you sometimes need to wait patiently for a long lime…

So, because your business cannot wait we propose that you purchase fans who will be available to you within 24-48 hours. They will become your followers, ‘like’ your statuses, watch your videos and much more.



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Points System

Earn PointsInternet user retention

Whether we’re dealing with an e-commerce website, or any other type of website on which users are difficult to acquire, it would be smart to try and retain user presence and maintain user activity, in order to experience an increase in audience.

There’s no better tool for this than our points system. The system is controlled by a number of specific rules. It will allocate the number of points you define for each action taken by a user on your website.

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Social Networks Pack

Social CloudSocial networks currently serve billions of people worldwide and have gained unprecedented fame thanks to their power of distribution and ability to spread. For these reasons they have become vital to online marketing.

Thanks to the social networks the chances of internet content not being exposed to users are very low.

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The Automated Newsletter

Newsletter2The automated newsletter is an amazing marketing tool. It’s a pamphlet that is automatically sent to one or more of your website users via email on a regular basis according to the frequency you choose (once a day, once a week, once a month).

It turns out that the newsletter is an excellent tool for directing customers to your new products, retaining website customers and improving your website’s conversion rate by turning website users into potential customers, allowing you to address them personally (receiving their registration settings, first name, last name, etc.), and all this - automatically.

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