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Social CloudSocial networks currently serve billions of people worldwide and have gained unprecedented fame thanks to their power of distribution and ability to spread. For these reasons they have become vital to online marketing.

Thanks to the social networks the chances of internet content not being exposed to users are very low.

Appreciating website content, sharing it among fans and commenting on it are some of the social network features that can expand your website’s target audience if they are used correctly.

Our Social Pack Abilities

AdduserCreating an Account on your Website from Social Networks

Creating an account on your website can easily become laborious: leaving your email, giving your first name, giving your last name, creating a unique password…

So in order to save your user the registration time (which is very important especially on e-commerce websites where user-experience has to be maximized in order to avoid churn) we give users the option of registering with their Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, or Twitter accounts..

This way, with one click users can connect to your site, make purchases and enjoy the services provided to registered members.

As a result, they won’t need to remember a specific password because they can sign in with their social network account.

This will also enable you to receive their email address to your user list or mailing list if you have our automated newsletter system.

Additionally, an automatic message will appear on the user’s social network profile providing the URL of your site and recommending your website to his/her contacts.

Share This2Automatic Sharing of your Content on Social Networks

Can you benefit from the virality of social networks without investing a moment of your time? Yes you can.

We create an automatic system that shares up-to-date content from your website on all significant social networks with an appropriate link to your site, every 5 minutes.

Internet users will also get an opportunity to like your page, share it, recommend it and leave comments that will appear on their social page.

Here too, a link to your site will appear in the user’s post so that his/her friends will see it and press the link.

You will also receive a statistic report of clicks via social networks which will enable you to control the basic technics of promoting maximum data regarding your site.