Ideal for the Promotion of your Real Estate

Mais3dAre you an entrepreneur? An owner of property? From now on you will be able to take advantage of cutting edge technologies of 3D filmming, digital images and aerial photography that will emphasize the uniqueness of your property with outstanding technological photography.

If your project is still being built but you wish to begin its promotion you must provide a video simulation that enables future customers to experience the apartment of their dreams as if they are really in it.

The Concept

The goal is to create a film that simulates you entire project by using three main components:

Aerial View

City4Ideal for the geographic location of your project. Our engineers will film the building and its surroundings from several meters above.

As a practitioner of innovative technology you will receive rare quality aerial footage thanks to our remote-controlled drones, which provide unparalleled stability in flight.

Unlike a conventional helicopter, the drone is small, this allows increased mobility and photography that was not possible before.

Surrounding View

Build2Seeing as you need to show your customers the surroundings of your building project we design an exterior display of all surrounding elements: kindergartens, parks, streets, parking lots, swimming pools, etc...

Once again, we will use our artistic skills to make the aerial view of the exterior display impressive.


Interior View

KitcIn order to better present the inner richness of your property, our 3D camera will wander through every space and corner of it. .

By combining powerful special effects we will create the realism necessary for your potential customer to feel comfortable in his\her future home.