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Website Audit

Because of the vast number of websites online you have only 5-8 seconds to persuade users to stay on yours.

Your site must be clear and user friendly, it has to have high page download speed, and a strong call inviting users to take the action you wish them to take.

The audit enables you to make sure the site is compatible to google, to your users and to others. The goal is not to gain as many entries as possible but to turn users into customers or members: filling out an online form, online sales, signing up for a newsletter mailing list.

The goal of the audit, which is performed by an expert, is to create retention, optimize all your website features and their compatibility to google and to users from your target audience.

An additional goal is to improve the quality of your site, blog, online store and e-commerce.

We offer you a full analysis of your website. It will include editing feedback, a general efficacy examination of the site: its exposure, the value of its content, and SEO examination, interaction with users and website statistics..


Our website auditing services


Seo3SEO audit

Optimization, search engine ranking improvement
Examination of key words that lead to website entries
Tag analysis

Design2Content, interaction and design audit

Strengthening and developing the relevance of the site according to the target audience
Improvement of the interaction and graphics
Observation of content and its execution

Colourful ChartStatistics audit

Attracting “good” users, understanding how they reach your website and how to retain their presence on your page.
Supply and demand optimization, giving potential customers what they are looking for, supplying them with a return on their investment.
Editing the necessary pages
Media analysis (social networks, newsletter) leads to many website entries and to a high conversion rate.

ToolsTechnical audit

Page download speed examination
Configuration improvement
Creating compatibility to all new technologies: tablets, smart phones and new browsers

Task Report HotAudit balance

Our team provides a detailed review of the website analysis in order to help you understand the inherent weaknesses of your website, fix them technically and content wise, and improve the SEO.

You will receive a full report within 5 days. Many clients praise the quality of our analysis.

In continuation we offer you two possibilities:
Option a: explanation of the report via skype
Option b: a list of website improvement suggestions