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Website Development

Contrary to popular belief, having a website that benefits your company is no easy task.

You will find tons of ads promoting low price website services, but few that will bring you web standards, premium user experience, or design quality. At Atomix, we make a point of honoring these crucial points which certify the professionalism of what will be your storefront: Your website, whatever the theme.

Here are some importants points which we bring particular importance to:


W3cic2W3C standards (World Wide Web Consortium)

W3C standards are a set of standards that must be respected in a web project to ensure optimal viewing in all modern browsers.

But above all, respect for these standards ensures better search engine optimization. These standards are decreed by strict rules, set by web professionals worldwide.

However, having 100% W3C valid web project is impossible in absolute terms, because of its heavy weight. But with the technology we employ we are able to reach a high level of validity.


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Custom Platform

Need a professional editing software, but certainly not "Paint"? Or a video editing software without using "Movie Maker"?!

This is exactly the same principle for your company because this pluralistic policy of softwares covering all business fields only rarely responds to specific needs within your firm.

This is the reason why, with Atomix, our web pole of development is tailor-made, so that your software fits you and not the opposite.

For this, our softwares focus on two simple goals :

Roue Offer you a solution that strictly responds to all your company's needs.

Without surprises, you receive your software exactly as you wished and obeying you perfectly.

Whether you have one or several employees, we build a software with an intuitive interface, for a quick start. Thus, no more time wasted in vain to understand a system that will become the backbone of your business.

And if you have questions, we are here!


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Facebook Application Development

With over a billion active members, Facebook has become the biggest social network in the world and an essential communication channel.

You can use the virality of Facebook to promote your products or label and increase the effectiveness of all the advantages, conversions and customers registered on your website.

Our developers can make you an innovative and efficient app that benefits from all the advantages of the social network in order to improve the stream of customers to your site.

Facebook Like Buton

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Mobile applications for smartphones and tablets on Android / IOS

The global success of smartphones and tablets is already well established. These devices have become vital components of our everyday lives: the accessibility of the mobile web is a basic commodity for many users.

The increasing number of apps one can download (more than 700,000 from the Apple Store and over 500,000 from Google Play) makes mobile access a key motor component of communication in general. Communicating via apps has become a must if one wishes to move beyond a web site.

Apple Logo                          Android

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